La ferme des lamas en Ariège Pyrénées
La ferme des lamas en Ariège Pyrénées
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Saleix – 09220 Auzat
Tél. 05 61 03 19 80

Here you have short information about our activities and breeding herd. Just contact us for detailed information and we will be glad to answer you as well as possible in English !

A llamas herd in a very special environment, a piece of Bolivian land just in the Ariege-Pyrenees mountain. Let discover and enjoy our llamas :so friendly, original and captivating animals.

Laurence and Eduardo, llameros (llamas breeders) will receive you and share a large part of their job and passion of llamas and mountains (from Bolivia to Pyrenees !).


We provide the opportunity for people to experience the joy of llama contact (visit or trekking) with these friendly, wonderful and therapeutic animals. With small groups up to a maximum of 20, each activity is friendly, informative and relaxing.


Farm visit (about 1 hour)
- All the year with reservation
- July and august : every day at 17 h
- Price : 5 € /adult and 3 € /kid (5-15 years old)

Family walk (for 1/2 day or complete day)
- One llama/family
- All the year with reservation
- July and august : every day (except sunday) at 14h for the half day
- Price (for half-day) : 20 € /adult and 15 € /kid (5-15 years old)

Moutain trekkings with llamas Far away from the daily life, have a special break : with llama, the trekking is wonderful. We offer various treks from 2 to 3 day from Vicdessos valley to summits in an exceptionnal environment. Just ask us for more information.

Special activities for groups or particular events

Farm products : alpaca and llama wool, apple juice and medicinal aromatic plants.


We are llamas breeders with a large experience of 15 years, in Bolivia and France. We can offer advice on the breeding and rearing of llamas. Llamas are used in France as great ground clearers, as pack animals and as friendly pets. They’re also good wool producers and nice for zootherapy.


We have beautiful and docile llamas for sale, born and raised on our own herd. If you are interested in buying a llama, please try to contact us by phone or mail. We will help you choose an animal and answer every questions you will want to ask before buying a Llama. We are always available by phone to share our experience and love of llamas with you.

La ferme des lamas en Ariège Pyrénées